Jiufeng Mt.Resorts

Mount Jiufeng supports Taibai Mountain in the south, is close to the East China Sea in the north, with overlapping peaks and ridges, and includes nine towering peaks, hence it is named Mount Jiufeng (it literally means nine peaks mountain).

Jiufeng Mt.Resorts is a national AAAA level scenic spot and mainly consists of WangAo Scenic Spot and RuiYan Scenic Spot. Mount Jiufeng has both moist climatic conditions of the south region of lower reaches of the Yangtze River because of rivers and lakes; andhigh-concentration air negative oxygen ion because of being in lush forests; overall builds an ideal health environment, suitable for mountain-climbing fitness as well as leisure and health. It enjoys a good reputation of "Health paradise in the south of the Yangtze River", "The most beautiful peaks of Ningbo" and "Xishuangbanna (a famous scenic spot) of Eastern Zhejiang".

In addition to regimen or keeping in good health, Mount Jiufeng, as a nice place for holiday leisure sightseeing,is preferred. Its convenient traffic, beautiful environment and varieties of animals and plants enable it to show its vitality. Here mountains, forests, valleys, lakes all have their own characteristics, people can do sightseeing, venerate the Buddha, or experience folk customs, or enjoy leisure or entertainment just according to their own will very cheerfully.

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